A Relationship Counselor Can Help You Learn How To Keep Your Marriage Intact After A Rape Occurs

Being a victim of a rape can greatly impact the relationships you have with loved ones in your life. If you have been raped and are trying to rebuild your life, seeing a counselor can help you learn how to deal with the emotions you are going to be feeling in a healthy and positive way. Below is a guide to help you learn how relationship and private counseling could help make your marriage stronger after being raped.

Coping with the Fear

Being raped is very traumatic for anyone. If you are a victim of rape, you more than likely will be very fearful of the incident happening again. There are certain situations that may trigger flashbacks of the event and cause you to go into a whirlwind of emotion. The counselor can speak with you and your spouse about what your possible triggers may be to help limit exposure to the triggers. Your spouse will more than likely have no idea what could or could not trigger an emotional breakdown and speaking with a counselor could make the experience easier for both of you.

Coping with the Nightmares

You will more than likely have nightmares about the horrendous event for quite some time. When you have one of the nightmares, you will be overwhelmed, scared, and more than likely unaware of your surroundings. Your spouse needs to know how to help you through the fear and anxiety you will be feeling.

The counselor will be able to guide your spouse through assisting you to make you feel comfortable and safe. Your loved one may need to avoid touching you, remove themselves from the bed, or simply talk to you and let you know that you are at home and safe with them. Knowing how to help you with the fear and anxiety will help lessen the number of nightmares you have.

Coping with the Depression

After being raped, many victims fall into a deep depression. They feel guilty for the incident and often blame themselves for it happening. Many victims feel as though they are dirty and unlovable after being raped. The counselor will help your spouse learn how to uplift you and help you know that you are loved regardless of the incident that happened to you.

Having someone help you through your battle of fear and depression will make the process easier. It will take quite a while before you are able to manage the emotions that you feel and all of them may not go away forever. Having someone to fight the battle with you will give you the strength to overcome both large and small issues in a constructive and healthy way. (for more information, contact Blue Spruce Counseling)