3 Advantages Of Cremation

When a loved one dies, it becomes crucial to make important decisions regarding their funeral. The two main options that people have to choose from are burial and cremation. When faced with such a decision, you should consider cremation, as opposed to burial, for a number of reasons. See why burial might be an excellent option for a loved one's funeral plans. 

1 - Cremation Is Less Expensive Than Burial

If money is an important deciding factor in your funeral planning, you will want to go with cremation. The reason for this is that cremation is a great deal cheaper than traditional burial. You can get a cheap cremation for under $700, saving you the thousands of dollars that you would otherwise pay for a casket, headstone and burial plot. This makes cremation an excellent choice, especially for a loved one who died without a will or without the money for full-fledged burial. You can then use these savings for other estate matters, or to go toward the funeral ceremony itself, or other form of tribute. 

2 - Cremation Is Green Friendly

You will also enjoy the fact that cremation is environmentally friendly, because it does not take up the same amount of space as a traditional burial. In a world that is increasingly developed, space is a premium, especially in big cities. Since you are taking up less space in the ground and less natural resources, the full cremation process drastically reduces your environmental blueprint. In this regard, you won't have to worry about the amount of trees used to build your casket, or the damage done when breaking the ground to build a burial plot. 

3 - Cremation Allows For Greater Funeral Flexibility

When you seek cremation, as opposed to traditional burial, you could hold a funeral service whenever you'd like. Since the memorial service will not hinge upon the viewing of a body, the ceremony will not be confined to any particular date, time or location. This gives you the time that you need to deal with travel arrangements to make sure that all family members and friends are on the same page and able to attend the ceremony whenever the time is right. 

Consider these three benefits of cremation as you plan your loved one's funeral. To learn more, get in touch with a professional funeral home that offers cremation services, like Duchynski-Cherko Funeral Home, to discuss your options.